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(PLEASE READ - Very Important)  The following instructions do not apply to "Well Browse" but do apply to Archived Well Browse & Case Processing Web Apps.

  • Follow these special instructions to access the databases.  There are separate instructions for Windows and Mac.
  • 32 bit Apple computers do not have to download or install the JInitiator or the windows fix.   Just run it directly from Safari. 
  • Please set your browser to allow pop-ups for this site or hold down the CTRL key then click on the button.
  • You can link to scanned images after executing a search.
  • You will be prompted to download JInitiator the first time you use our web applications. This is required to run the Case Processing and Archived Oil and Gas Database. Left click the bar that appears and tell it to run the ActiveX control.
  • If you have any questions after running the special instructions above, you may call our IT Helpdesk at (405)521-2444 between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Database Links

(PLEASE READ - Very Important)  The databases below only work with Internet Explorer. If you cannot access them, please refer to the "special instructions" at the top of this page.

Case Processing Web Application
Research judicial and administrative case information.  For information on legal cases please call the Docket Clerk office found on our contact page.
*Note - If you use Norton Antivirus please check the special instructions at the top of this page.

Oil and Gas Data Mining

Please Note: The data contained in the oil and gas data mining data base, including but not limited to “Base of Treatable Water” may not provide the best and/or most current data. For the most current base of treatable water data for permits and rule requirements, etc, please email the legal description to : OGBTW@OCCEMAIL.COM. For all other oil and gas data bases for rule requirements, please contact the appropriate department/division of the Conservation Division.

Well Browse Database
Search for old and new well information in the "New Well Browse Database".
For information on wells please call the Oil and Gas division's Well Records at 405-521-2271.

Well Browse Database Instruction Manual (PDF)

Soil Farming Database Web Application
Research Drilling Mud Soil Farming Locations

Archived Oil & Gas Database
NOTE: The OCC Oracle Well Browse Web Application is no longer being updated.
All information has been migrated to the Well Browse link above.
Includes Well Browse Information before June 2, 2010
Requires installation of JIniator to use this database. Please see link in instructions above.